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The Dual LEAF GenSet Locomotive
The Railserve Dual LEAF® Gen-Set Locomotive

Railserve Dual LEAF power

The Dual LEAF has all of the proven features of the original LEAF, but with more pulling power. With two Cummins QSX15-L3 600 hp gensets, it can achieve higher speeds and provides built-in backup power.

Both models of the Railserve LEAF were created specifically for port, mining, industrial in-plant, and commercial yard shunting applications. The Railserve Dual LEAF Gen-Set locomotive maximizes tractive effort while minimizing fuel costs and emissions.

Lower Emissions

Railserve LEAF® locomotives reduce NOx emissions and particulate matter by 84% and meet EPA emissions standards for Tier 3 or Tier 4 diesel engines. For every 50 gallons (189.3 liters) per day of diesel not burned, the LEAF reduces GHG by 400,000 lbs. (181,437 kg) per year.

Lower Fuel Usage

The Railserve LEAF® locomotives reduce fuel consumption 45–72% over a conventional locomotive.

Easy to Maintain

Railserve LEAF® locomotives are built with readily available parts, making future maintenance easy and cost effective.


The Railserve Dual LEAF is powered by two Cummins QSX15-L3 600 hp gensets. The Dual LEAF Meets EPA emission standards for Tier 3 diesel engines. Tier 2 and Tier 4 emissions packages are also available.

Exceptional Value

The proven track record of the Railserve LEAF in numerous switching operations makes this competitively-priced locomotive an exceptional value for any rail yard. Learn more about how the Railserve LEAF can increase efficiencies and reduce costs in your operation. Please contact Railserve today.

Real World Example

Fuel & Emissions

Railserve tracks fuel consumption of its genset and conventional locomotives.

Efficient and Clean Performance

The Railserve LEAF® locomotive is designed to minimize fuel usage, reduce emissions, and exceed the performance of a conventional locomotive. Railserve LEAF locomotives have been in operation at Railserve sites since 2008.

Fuel consumption in comparable operating circumstances results in a 72.5% savings in fuel costs.

*Each shunting operation will have unique locomotive operating demands.

Average Fuel Consumption*

(gallons /hour)

Average fuel consumption bar chart - 4 gallons/hour verses 14.5 gallons/hour

Download the Factsheet

Download the Railserve LEAF factsheet [PDF]

LEAF GenSet locomotive factsheet PDF

The GenSet in Intermodal Railyards

See our white paper on EPA standards & data comparing genset and conventional locomotives.

LEAF GenSet locomotive factsheet PDF

Sustainability. Reliability. Power.

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LEAF GenSet locomotive factsheet PDF