About the Railserve Leaf

Manufacturer of the Railserve LEAF® Gen-Set Locomotive

About the Railserve LEAF

Railserve is a Trusted Industry Leader

Created specifically for port, mining, industrial in-plant, and commercial yard switching (shunting) applications, the Railserve LEAF Gen-Set locomotive maximizes tractive effort while minimizing fuel costs and emissions. It is available for operations around the world.

Railserve is a leading provider of in-plant rail switching and associated services. We operate 80+ locations, have been in business for over 40 years, and are a member of the $8 B Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Company. Our experience in switching makes us a better switching locomotive manufacturer.

Operations Across North America

Railserve has operations in the US and Canada. The Railserve LEAF® Gen-Set locomotives are manufactured by our own employees at our locomotive shop in Longview, TX.

Safe and Efficient Rail Movement

Railserve handles in-plant rail movement, car loading/unloading, track maintenance and other services for major rail shippers/receivers and operates with its own locomotives and employees. We work nearly 2.5 million hours and handle 4.7 million carloads annually and our OSHA safety rates are well below the industry average.

How can the Railserve LEAF help you?

To learn more about how a Railserve LEAF locomotive will increase efficiencies and reduce costs in your operation, please contact Railserve at 770-996-6838 or via the contact form.