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White Paper on Using Genset Technology in Intermodal Railyards

Atlanta, Georgia — October 24, 2012

Railserve, the leading North American provider of sustainable, economical switching locomotives, is making available a white paper titled "Utilizing Genset Technology in Locomotive Power at Intermodal Railyard Operations." The paper was recently delivered at the National Conference on Intermodal Transportation (NCIT).

TJ Mahoney, program manager for the Railserve LEAF® Gen-Set Locomotive, was a speaker at NCIT, hosted by the Hampton College School of Business on October 11-12. Mahoney presented the Railserve paper, which highlights:

  • EPA emission standards for locomotives used in intermodal transfer operations;
  • Emissions data on both conventional locomotives and modern, low-emissions diesel engines;
  • Comparative data on fuel consumption as a basis to evaluate the cost savings of using genset locomotive power; and
  • Tractive effort comparison between conventional and genset locomotives.

"This paper supports intermodal industry sustainability efforts to meet EPA emission standards by replacing conventional locomotive engines with modern, low-emissions diesel engines," said Mahoney. "Utilizing genset technology at intermodal railyards provides the industry with a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to conventional locomotive power"

Findings presented in the paper show significant emissions reductions through the use of genset technology, including NOx reductions of up to 84 percent. Some switching operations have realized fuel savings of up to 65 percent, and are experiencing greater pulling power with their genset locomotives.

Download the white paper [PDF file]