reasons to choose leaf

Top 10 Reasons to Choose the Railserve LEAF®

1. Proven.

  • The Railserve LEAF Gen-Set locomotive has been in service since 2008

2. Affordable.

  • Life cycle cost equal to or less than conventional locomotives

3. Sustainable.

  • Reduces NOx emissions by 92% - 99%
  • Reduces particulate matter
  • The LEAF uses a Cummins engine that meets EPA Tier III and Tier IV emissions standards

4. Simple.

  • One button push start
  • Conventional cab controls
  • Powered by a single genset (duel genset available)
  • Uses readily-available parts

5. Efficient.

  • 45-65% reduced fuel consumption vs. conventional locomotives
  • No wet-stacking and uses 90% less oil
  • Maximized tractive effort at speeds less than 10mph
  • Automatic shut-down after a variable pre-set time limit

6. Compliant.

  • Meets all FRA requirements

7. Dedicated.

  • Built for industrial in-plant and commercial yard applications

8. Quieter.

  • 10% lower decibel output than conventional locomotives

9. Reliable.

  • Onboard computer delivers real-time performance reporting
  • Traction control system minimizes wheel slip

10. Trusted.

  • Manufactured by switchers for switchers, Railserve LEAF GenSet Locomotives are now available for sale and lease to qualified users